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We are experienced trial attorneys from three independent Wisconsin law firms. Our battle-hardened team has helped hundreds of Wisconsin landowners from Lake Superior to the Illinois border.

We know that every American’s right to own, use, and exclude others from their property is a fundamental constitutional right. We know that many landowners feel they can never really be “made whole” if their property is taken away from them.

Land is unique and irreplaceable. However, governmental bodies or other entities are allowed to interfere with rights in land by condemning or taking property under the power of eminent domain. That power allows private property to be taken for “public purposes” or “the public good”. If that happens to you, you are entitled to “just compensation.” We are experienced in protecting landowner rights and winning just compensation in front of commissions, local courts, and higher courts.


As a landowner, you may find yourself in a confusing “game” that you never foresaw and never wanted to play. Because of the power of eminent domain, however, you cannot just walk away from it.

You may be taken aback to learn that the government, or even some private companies, can forcibly take away your land through the power of eminent domain. You may also be startled by the level of payment they claim to be “just compensation” for taking your land.

It is our mission to help landowners have a fighting chance in protecting their property and to help ensure that fair payment is received for their land. Most importantly, it is our mission to help YOU.



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